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Your background and credentials required needs to be placed in a powerful and effective resume and cover letter that will place you above other job seekers. Prospective employers take about 10 to 20 seconds to scan a resume and cover letter; therefore, it is essential that they are persuasive enough to capture a prospective employer's interest in a very short time. Either you will have caught their interest or they will be discarded.

Although, possessing the credentials for the desired occupation is very important, it is equally as important to deliver that message as quickly as possible that will convince prospective employers that you are the perfect candidate for their positions.

We achieve these objectives by using our two types of resume and cover letter designs. One is our specific type which is geared towards a particular job or field. This resume design has two top sections, Relevant Qualifications and Relevant Work Experience, so that relevant information for a desired job or field can be readily accessible to recruiters. See our sample of a specific resume. The other type is a general resume that is not targeted towards any specific job or field. This type of resume design has a top section called Qualifications, so assets can be easily reviewed by recruiters. See our sample of a general resume. Both these designs are very efficient in making resumes easily assessed by recruiters in a very short time since the important information is summarized in the top sections of the resume. Each of these resumes have corresponding cover letters. See our specific cover letter and general cover letter samples.

Our Objectives


At first glance, a potential employer will find it visually enticing with a very clean and simple structure. It will be uniform, consistent, symmetrical and uncrowded with no grammar, typographical, spelling or punctuation errors.

Present your qualifications from both theoretical and practical perspectives and cover education, skills, experience, personality, etc.

Contain bullet-point lists that contain concise statements and avoid using any extraneous information and any repetitions. Emphasize on relevant descriptions only and eliminate details that are unrelated to the position. Ensure content is delivered in priority sequence based on which qualities, abilities and job descriptions.

Sales Appeal

Convey to the prospective employer why you are the perfect candidate for the specific job title.

Scan Ability

Key words will be used so that potential employer's databases will detect it. Use similar key words that are used in the job description posting.

The bottom line is that we will prepare your resume in a way that will help your potential employers assess what you have to offer them in the quickest, easiest and most powerful way. 

Process of Resume and Letter Preparation

Firstyou provide your information using our Form page, phone, appointment or email. Your information may include your current resume, job postings, job descriptions, etc.

Second, we will email your drafts within 48 hours for your review.

Third, we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied with the results, at which point, you can place an order using our Order page and pay with any major credit card or PayPal or pay with cash at one of our offices​.

Fourth, we will email your files in MS Word and PDF formats.

Free Resume Review Service

You can email your current resume by using our Form Page. Our resume recommendations will be emailed to you within 48 hours.